Log Board

Open Rooms for sharing and discussion in the Cloud. Assign write or admin roles on your data to the invited members.
Nobody else can follow the encrypted communication in your Room.

Your Room

in the Cloud is a private blog, visible only for the current group of members. You can invite new people or remove old ones. Members can access the Room via their iPhone®, iPad® or desktop Mac®. With strong end-to-end encryption, nobody else will be able to access your data.


Always keep full access to all posts and attachments in your Room. Only invited members can read notes or view the blog media. Assign individual access roles to the members so they can change or add new posts. The data is always encrypted on the device before it’s uploaded to the Cloud.
  • Secure Encryption

    Text and attachments are stored using end-to-end encryption in the Cloud. The information is available again when decryption occurs on members iPhone® / iPad® / Mac®. LogBoard will produce a unique key for new user upon their registration. The key is stored in a local keychain and can be distributed to users’ other devices through Apple’s iCloud™. The corresponding public key, however, is disposed in the LogBoard Cloud.
    Of course all downloaded data is securely saved on the local device.
  • Dynamic Group

    Newly invited members have access to the discussion’s entire history. However, an invitation can be rejected and old members can be banned from group discussions. When leaving the Room, the complete data set is cleared from users’ iPhone® / iPad® / Mac® devices.
  • Access Roles

    Each Room member has an access role that enables or denies the writing or insertion of new posts. This allows authors and administrators to manage the Room discussions.
  • Synchronization

    Upon users’ request, any pending new information in the Cloud is synchronized on the user’s iPhone® / iPad® / Mac® device and local updates gets pubished. In some cases, a data conflict is detected if the same local and remote post has been changed simultaneously. In this case, the user must resolve the conflict on their device first before pushing any local updates into the Cloud.
  • Offline

    New posts, attachments, or changes are locally stored on the user’s device until the user makes an explicit request for synchronization that pushes the updates to the Cloud. This allows you to effectively work in LogBoard even without a reliable, trustworthy network connection.
  • Authentication

    Your LogBoard account is identified by the digital fingerprint show on the settings page. The signature will verify the validity of the Cloud registered public key. The internal QR code scanner in the mobile App starts the verification process straight from the invited user’s device.


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